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Farbrangen with Rabbi Manis Friedman

Sunday night Oct 29 8PM


A Jewish Home, Chassidic insights into dating and marriage Part 1

Rabbi Friedman is a noted Biblical scholar, recognized for his sagacious grasp of Jewish mysticism. In 1971, he founded Bais Chana Institute of Jewish Studies in Minnesota, the world’s first yeshiva exclusively for women, where he continues to serve as dean. From 1984-1990 he served as simultaneous translator for the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s televised talks.


SUNDAY August 27th (5th Elul) - Shabbos September 30th(Yom Kippur)

Elul and the High Holidays in Yeshiva

5 Week Session advanced Yeshiva experience!
-Complete courses in Talmud, Halacha and Chassidus!
-Gain tremendous knowledge of, in-text study and skills!
-Enjoy one-on-one study sessions with advanced students!
-Beautiful 82 acre wooded campus!
-3 Gourmet glatt kosher meals a day!
-New dormitory building
-Come for any length of stay; a day, a few days, a week, a few weeks or the entire program!
-Open to all levels of observance!
-Only $150 per week!
-Celebrate Elul, Chay Elul, Slichos, Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur in a Holy environment! (The traditional Teshuva time period which Moses spent while on Mt. Sinai attaining atonement for the Jewish People)
Apply online at www.theworldsgreatestysehiva.come/apply.php (indicate "Elul Zman" for semester)

Labor Day Weekend Shabbaton- for Chabad on Campus

The perfect opportunity to enjoy a short Taste of Yeshiva with friends and Yeshiva Students while off from school and work. Get into the mode of preparation for the High Holidays. Learn Halacha, Farbrang and experience first hand the spirit of Elul as it's traditional winds blew through Lubavtich, setting the tone for rededication to Judaism. $25 suggested donation.


-Join dozens of college students who are on the journey to discover the deeper dimensions Jewish life!
-Explore the richness of classical Torah texts, Chassidic philosophy, law, ethics and their interface with modern day reality!
-Learn the proven methods & techniques for in-text study and skill building!
-Become empowered as a community leader!
-Learn from the leading Torah Scholars of this generation!
-Rare sheltered atmosphere Torah & Mitzvos!
-Experience great friendliness in the Chassidic style!
-Enjoy one-on-one study sessions and discussions with advanced students!
-Beautiful 82 acre wooded campus!
-3 Gourmet glatt kosher meals a day!
-New dormitory building
-Open to all levels of observance!
-Only $125 for entire week including classes, dorm and food!

South American Program!

Special Program in Spanish! FIRST TIME EVER!!! RUN BY RABBI MOSHE BITTON!!!

Phone: 973.267.9404 or 973.668.3219 (cell)      226 Sussex Ave., Morristown, NJ 07960