Friday May 20th 2016 7pm (12 Iyar 5776)-
Sunday May 22nd 2016 12:30pm (14 Iyar 5776)

Meet the Rabbis & students, join your son for festive meals,
classes and round table discussions

Sunday brunch includes Bachelors Graduation Ceremony
and certificate presentations for Leadership Program and other Academic Achievements
accommodations can be made at the Hyatt Morristown at Headquarters Plaza


Friday May 20
7:56 Candle Lighting in Berger Auditorium for all women
8:05 Mincha in Tiferes Study Hall
8:20 Welcome Words
8:45 Kabolas Shabbos-Friday night prayer of Welcoming the Shabbos
9:15 Meal all students and parents in the Berger Auditorium
11:30 approximate end of Meal

Shabbos May 21
9:30 Chassidus Class for parents in Room B
9:50 Coffee Break
10:00 Shacharis- morning prayers
12:30 Meals students with parents at the homes of Rabbis
7:15 Mincha- afternoon prayers
8:00 Round Table discussion
8:55 Mariv and Havdala - prayers

Sunday May 22
7:30 Chassidus Class for parents
8:30 Break
9:00 Shacharis- prayer
10:00 Breakfast and Program
12:00 The end

Phone: 973.267.9404 or 973.668.3219 (cell)      226 Sussex Ave., Morristown, NJ 07960