Frequently Asked Questions

Which airport should I fly into?
Newark NJ (EWR)

How should I get to the Yeshiva?
Easiest/most cost efficient method: make a reservation with Terry's Taxi (973) 898-6588 just say you'd like to go to the "Rabbinical College in Morristown" they know us well but our address is 226 Sussex Ave. Morristown NJ 07960. There is also public transportation available it requires a taking the airlink bus to the NJ transit Newark Broad Street Train station to Morristown then to take a cab (station right across from train station) to the "Rabbinical College" (best to double check first by doing a Google directions search and choosing the public transportation option)

Do I need to bring linen?
Visitors up to 4 weeks- Not necessary, we provide linen & blankets however if possible please bring your own towels.
However, we are not able to provide linen for full time students and they are expected to take care of their own linen and towel needs. This can either be brought or more practically purchased upon arrival at the local Walmart. We will help the new student get to Walmart for the first time. Please ask Rabbi Hecht upon arrival.

What is the dress code in Yeshiva?
The only rules are: long pants and no tank-top shirts. However most students choose to wear dress pants and button down shirts.

How are clothes washed on campus?
We have a self service laundromat with clean, reliable modern equipment. Please bring your own quarters & detergent.

What books/Sefarim should I bring?
You can inquire before arrival to see if your class level can be determined by phone and you can be notified of which Sefer to bring. You can also bring your own copy of the appropriate chumash or any other basic book that you may feel the interest in learning on your own accord.

Where do I go upon arrival?
Upon arriving at the RCA, the best thing to do is to walk towards the left of the main building (Marked as Building B) and enter on the left at the only outdoor metal staircase. Half way down the hall on the left is the Tiferes main study hall and any student there should be able to direct you to your room (with the help of the dorm supervisor) and let you know what the next item is on the daily schedule. Additionally you please proceed to Building A on the far left to register your arrival in the back office.

Where can I purchase toiletries or other items I may need?
The local Walmart is not within walking distance. We will help the new student get to Walmart for the first time. Please ask Rabbi Hecht upon arrival.

Phone: 973.267.9404 or 973.668.3219 (cell)      226 Sussex Ave., Morristown, NJ 07960