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Coming back, our choice!?
By Rabbi Dubinsky

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Elul Zman
Elul and the High Holidays in Yeshiva

5 Week Session advanced Yeshiva experience!
SUNDAY AUG 31rd (5th Elul) - SHABBOS OCT 4th(Yom Kippur)

-Five week courses in Talmud, Halacha and Chassidus!

Taste of Yeshiva- Summer
4 Week Introductory Session for students interested in Yeshiva experience!
TUESDAY JUNE 3rd (Erev Shavuos) - WEDNESDAY JULY 2nd (day after Gimel Tamuz)

-Join Dozens of college students and full time yeshiva students!
-Open to all levels of observance!

A Semester in Yeshiva? Why?!
By Tzvi Freeman

Dear Rabbi,
Iím an undergrad at a private college, doing really well and working hard to get into graduate school. Iím also very active with Chabad on campus. My Chabad rabbi has been bugging me to take off one semester to study in a yeshiva ďsome time before graduate school.Ē Itís still not clear to me what this yeshiva place is all about, and...

Winter Program 5774
7 Day Introductory Session!
Monday, December 23rd 2013 3:30pm Orientation-Sunday, December 29th 2013 11am Closing Session.

-Join Dozens of college students and full time yeshiva students!
-Open to all levels of observance!
-One week courses in Talmud,...

Winter Program 5773
You can read the complete article as it was published at

"There can be no substitute for a true Beis Medrash experience," says Rabbi Moshe Herson, Dean of Rabbinical College of America. "Everyone who joins senses immediately that it is something...

Chumash/Rashi Project
Rabbi Wagner's has initiated an ALL NEW Chumash/Rashi Proficiency Project. Students will analyze key Rashis and will responsible to write a summary of main points for each parsha in Sefer Devarim thus gaining knowledge and skills in learning Chuamsh and a Rashi . The entire Yeshiva will be tested in Chumash Devoroim after finishing it in Parshas Hashavua (simchas Torah) This will be followed with with a similar project in Sefer Berieshis be'h.

Achievement Presentations
This group of students were honored yesterday for their achievements in their studies and proficiency in preparation for Pesach. Beautifully enhanced with a printed achievement recognition printed inside each cover. Special thanks to Shlomo Leib for facilitating campaign. Photo credits Reuven Meir.




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